Lunar eclipse live stream: How to watch the partial eclipse live online TONIGHT – Express.co.uk

Tuesday night heralds a Full Moon dubbed the Buck Moon – the seventh Full Moon of 2019. The arrival of this month’s Full Moon actually coincides with a series of other spectacular events. One mark’s 50th anniversary of NASA’s iconic Apollo 11 manned moon launch. And arguably even more exciting, a partial lunar eclipse will […]

Lunar Origin's

Blue Origin’s Lunar Lander: A Photo Tour – Space.com

(Image: © Blue Origin) Meet Blue Moon! The private spaceflight company Blue Origin is building a new lunar lander named Blue Moon. Blue Origin’s founder Jeff Bezos revealed the first life-size mockup of Blue Moon on May 9, 2019 after the company spent three years working on the design.  Click through this gallery to see […]

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Lunar Eclipse Meteorite Briefly Created a Spot on the Moon as Hot as the Sun – Gizmodo

An image of the flash created by the impact.Image: Jose M. Madiedo/MIDAS This past January, astronomers managed to capture the moment a space rock struck the Moon during a total lunar eclipse. Now we’re learning more about this unprecedented event, including the speed of the offending object and the intense temperatures reached during the impact. […]