Lyrid watching

Try Your Luck at Watching the Lyrid Meteor Shower Tonight – Gizmodo

A Lyrid meteorPhoto: Islam Hassan (Flickr) The Lyrid meteor shower peaks tonight, but actually spotting a meteor could be tough going for lots of observers. Meteor watchers can expect around 18 meteors per hour at the show’s peak. But the bright moon, a waning gibbous two days after the full moon, could wash out some […]

Apple watching

This week in watching: Apple streaming, the drama of the ‘SNL’ cast, bye-bye ‘Broad City’ – The Boston Globe

Your TV GPS, Globe critic Matthew Gilbert’s guide to what’s on television, appears at the beginning of each week at This column covers March 25-31. APPLE STREAMING On Monday morning at 10 on the West Coast, Apple is going to announce a new media project that will likely include the company’s plans for streaming […]