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Florida Rapper Dies After Home Window Falls on His Neck While He Was Attempting to Burglarize Home




A Florida man is dead after a home window dropped on his neck in a freak accident while he was attempting to get into a residence.

The Lee Area Constable’s Office verified that 32- year-old Jonathan Hernandez passed away during the attempted theft at a home in the southwestern Florida community of Leigh Acres Saturday (Dec. 12).

Police claimed as Hernandez scaled the wall surface of the residence, he opened a home window as well as remained in the procedure of climbing up through when it knocked down onto his neck.

By the time replacements showed up on the scene, Hernandez was dead and his body was hanging out the home window.

A photo taken by the residence’s residential property manager showed Hernandez caught in a window regarding five-and-a-half feet from the ground.

The image, supplied to the Fort Myers News-Press, revealed the window closed on Hernandez’s neck with his best arm dangling by his side and also his body limp.

Hernandez, a father-of-five, was reportedly an ambitious rap artist and was known to his close friends and fans as “Taz UFO” or “UFO.”

The Daily Mail reported that “numerous” of his rap video clips can be found on YouTube, but we at Chatter On This weren’t able to locate much online related to his purportedly budding job besides a few blog posts on Instagram.

The Lee Area Prison showed Hernandez, additionally known as Jonathan Hernandez-Zuluaga, had been arrested various times for crimes consisting of cannabis possession, grand burglary, and also violating probation.

Constable’s deputies likewise said Hernandez was just recently examined as component of a 2014 murder instance, yet no further details were given.

Those who understood him, however, said Hernandez was a kind individual and also remain in shock regarding how he passed away.

Jonathan Hernandez imagined with his future wife Patricia Duarte as well as 4 of their 5 youngsters.

” When I initially met him, I was like guy he looks like he has a rap sheet like El Chapo,” his fiancée Patricia Duarte informed NBC2 News

Duarte stated she does not think the detectives’ tale about what occurred as well as mosted likely to the residence to take a look for herself.

” Quickly as I obtained there I’m like, there’s no method. “I simply need something to be done the best method.

Tyson Lane, a close friend of Hernandez, defined the male as generous and outbound.

” He liked to enjoy,” Lane said. “When he strolled right into the space, his smile simply bright up everyone. And he just get along with everybody.”

Like Duarte, Lane doesn’t approve the police’s explanation that Hernandez died while trying to break into a residence.

Lane added: “He is not a burglar. If he had a roof over his head and also you didn’t, he would certainly offer you a roof covering over your head, bring you in his household.

Duarte has began a GoFundMe to assist spend for Hernandez’ funeral expenses.

” It injures to even write this,” she created on the page.

” He was predestined to be EXCELLENT beyond terrific at that I recognize his close friends will ensure his music lives on.

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Trump Advocate Ashli Babbitt Identified As Woman Shot & & Killed Throughout UNITED STATE Capitol Siege




The rioter who was shot as well as eliminated inside the UNITED STATE Capitol during a siege on the building has been determined as Ashli Babbitt, a Flying force expert from San Diego and also devoted supporter of Head of state Donald Trump.

Babbitt’s identification was disclosed by San Diego news electrical outlet KUSI Information through her very own husband, who verified her death, telling the news outlet that she was a “solid advocate of President Trump, and also was a terrific patriot to all who understood her.”

Babbitt’s hubby told KUSI that she had 14 years in the service and did four trips of responsibility.

Video clip shared by means of Twitter and YouTube caught the exact minute Babbitt was shot while trying to climb via the broken window of a door inside the Capitol among a large team of insurrectionists.

One more video clip, which broadcast reside on tv, showed the woman covered in blood as she was obtained of the building on a cot. She was hurried to the health center in critical condition yet later on passed away.

The shooting occurred outside of your home of Reps chamber.

While it hasn’t been validated that shoot, those who saw the deadly shooting have actually claimed that the female was shot by a Capitol policeman.

There are some records stating that she was fired in the neck, while others state she was fired in the upper body.

Trump fans are depicting Babbitt online as a martyr and also her social media sites includes retweets of a number of bogus conspiracy theories that President-elect Joe Biden swiped the election from Head of state Trump.

The day before she was fatally shot, Babbitt ironically tweeted: “Absolutely nothing will stop us … they can attempt as well as attempt as well as try but the storm is right here as well as it is descending upon DC in much less than 24 hours … dark to light.”

Babbitt’s Twitter page was additionally filled with referrals to Trump as well as QAnon (several of which have given that been removed).

” I will certainly be in DC on the sixth! God honor America and also WWG1WGA,” she composed on Twitter, referencing QAnon.

She likewise created that the California guv had instituted “commie policy” as well as reacted to a tweet criticizing Nancy Pelosi’s assistance of the $600 stimulus check, composing: “It is a slap to the gut for every person of us … you think ppl are getting up yet? … THEY DONT GIVE A F K ABOUT United States … all they want is power and cash … we have to unify!”

In September 2020, she created: “Trump 2020 landslide!

Another woman composed on Twitter: “Significant concern: Has the government began a battle against it’s own people?” Babbitt reacted on December 20 th: “We are not their ppl … they are owned-bought, paid for, enslaved … you can’t offer your heart to adversary without a cost. They selected, so have we. Dark to light! Let freedom ring as well as god bless America! God knows, god sees as well as he is incoming! Nothing can quit what is taking place.”

Babbit, who used the Twitter deal with CommonAshSense, additionally retweeted Wednesday early morning– simply hrs prior to she and also various other Trump supporters stormed the Capitol– a “MUST BE DONE LISTING prior to Congress fulfills today.”

It included: “[Mike Pence] should resign & & after that be charged with TREASON” and also “Chief Justice John Roberts should SURRENDER.”

A man from New Jacket spoke with a reporter as an eyewitness of the fatal capturing.

” We had stormed right into the chambers inside, as well as there was a girl who rushed via the windows. A variety of authorities and Trick Service were saying get back, come down as well as finish,” he stated.

” She didn’t observe the telephone call. She started to claim she was fine, it’s cool.

The man included: “Riot police was available in as well as began ushering us out with their sticks and stuff.”

Asked how he and the others were able to get into the Capitol, he said: “We tore through the scaffolding, through flashbangs and also tear gas, as well as blitzed our way in with every one of the chambers.

” Just trying to get into Congress and whoever we can get involved in as well as tell them we need some kind of investigation into this, as well as somebody may be dead. That’s not the sort of government we can have.”

The man, who stated he had not been hurt, proceeded: “It can have been me. Police, Congressmen as well as females.

The rioters were objecting Congress’s qualification of Joe Biden as the victor of the 2020 governmental political election.

Babbitt’s mother-in-law informed a reporter that she was puzzled by her behavior.

” I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” the mother-in-law said.

Trump Fan Ashli Babbitt Identified As Female Shot & & Killed Throughout U.S. Capitol Siege is a post from: Gossip On This – Popular Culture, Information & & Videos

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Woman Shot Dead Within UNITED STATE Capitol After Rabid Trump Advocates Violation Building During Electoral Vote Legislative Hearing




UPDATE (10: 28 P.M. ET): Trump Fan Ashli Babbitt Identified As Female Shot & & Killed Throughout UNITED STATE Capitol Siege

UPDATE (6: 23 P.M. ET): The lady that was fired inside the UNITED STATE Capitol has passed away, Fox 5 D.C. reports

A woman was apparently fired in the neck inside the U.S. Capitol after hundreds of wild Donald Trump advocates stormed the building as well as breached the Us senate chamber Wednesday (Jan. 6) to trouble over the outcomes of the 2020 political election, which Joe Biden won.

Video footage published to social media revealed the minute the shooting occurred and also an additional video clip, which aired survive tv, reveals the woman covered in blood as she’s taken out of the building on a cot.

The unknown lady has been hurried to the medical facility as well as is said to be terminally ill.

Daily Mail reports:

The [rioters] breached the Us senate chamber on Wednesday mid-day as senators were hurried from the space by Capitol Police.

They were listened to banging on the doors of your home chamber and also screaming outside as police officers hurried lawmakers out of the chamber and also to safety.

There were reports of weapon shots beyond the House as an armed stall took place at the doors of the chamber.

” We have actually been offered gas masks on the House floor. Tear gas has been made use of in the Rotunda,” wrote Autonomous Rep. Gerry Connolly on twitter.

Vice President Mike Pence, administering in the Us senate, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi, administering in your house, were removed from their corresponding chambers at the first tip of the violation for their own safety and security.

The [rioters] filled up the rotunda, which sets below the dome of the Capitol and also is loaded with paintings depicting important scenes in the founding of the nation.

They also were seen marching through Statuary Hall, the room off the House chamber that is filled with statues of the nation’s owners and also utilized for special ceremonies.

In the crypt of the Capitol, where George Washington was originally supposed to be hidden, authorities and also [rioters] clashed, fighting it out.

” We currently have people that have breached the Capitol. They remain in the Rotunda area,” Capitol authorities claimed.

Trump advised his fans to remain peaceful, in a tweet that followed they had breached the structure.

At a rally previously that morning, he had actually encouraged them to march on the Capitol, where lawmakers were certifying the electoral university choose Joe Biden.

” Please support our Capitol Police as well as Police. They are truly on the side of our Nation. Keep relaxed!” the head of state composed.

Yet he did not inform them to leave.

U.S. Capitol Cops made use of tear gas as thousands of people were seen climbing up the marble actions outside the structure. They banged on the secured doors of the Capitol as well as shattered the glass in the doors.

One [rioter] lifted on the dais, where the head of state of the Us senate presides, and shouted: “Trump won that political election.”

A number of lots [rioters] roamed the halls of the Capitol, shouting: “Where are they?”

Tear gas was being utilized by Capitol Police as [rioters] filled up both your home as well as Us senate side of the Capitol.

An Additional [rioter] in the Us senate yelled: “Where’s Pence, show on your own!’

The turmoil caused the Capitol to go on lock down as well as interfered with the certification of the electoral university ballot that would seal Biden’s triumph.

The images played out survive on national tv as well as on social media. One of the [rioters] tweeted an image from Speaker Pelosi’s workplace, meaning the person made it to the center of the Capitol.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser proclaimed a 6pm curfew for the city.

Below are the wild images and also videos from the disorderly scene:

Black Lives Matter militants were shot in the confront with rubber bullets for blocking roads … envision what would certainly have occurred to them if they did this?!?

Woman Shot Dead Within U.S. Capitol After Rabid Trump Supporters Breach Building During Electoral Elect Congressional Hearing is a post from: Chatter On This – Popular Culture, Information & & Videos

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Nashville Xmas Bomber Told Next-door Neighbor “Nashville & & the Globe is Never Ever Going to Neglect Me” Days Prior To Battle




Authorities have actually recognized 63- year-old Anthony Quinn Detector as being responsible for the Xmas Day battle that took place in midtown Nashville, and also the FBI has launched a new picture of the suspect.

The battle injured at least 8 people and also triggered damage to 41 buildings and also significant interaction systems, including 911 centers as well as an AT&T Transmission.

Less than a week before the Christmas morning bombing, Detector made a disturbing statement to a neighbor, telling the guy the world was “never ever going to forget” him, it was disclosed Monday (Dec. 28).

Below are some points to understand about Anthony Q. Detector and the bombing that took place:

Petula Clark’s 1964 struck “Midtown” played moments prior to the explosion.

Residents informed cops that before the bombing they listened to sounds of gunshots.

Policemans got to the scene of 2nd Avenue Prior around 5: 30 a.m. as well as located a white Recreational Vehicle playing a videotaped announcement stating that it would take off in 15 minutes prior to it changed to playing Petula Clark’s 1964 hit “Midtown”– a tune that speaks about being lonesome and also going downtown when really feeling the blues.

” When you’re alone as well as life is making you lonely/ You can always go downtown.

” When you have actually obtained worries, all the sound and the rush
Appears to assist, I know, downtown …”

Police officers rushed to the homes of neighboring locals and also had the ability to obtain them to evacuate before the surge. The RV blew up around at 6: 30 a.m., CNN reported.

Anthony Warner was inside the Motor Home and also died in the surge.

” He existed when the bomb went off and he perished in the battle,” stated Don Cochran, UNITED STATE Attorney for the Center District of Tennessee.

6 polices are being hailed as heroes after getting next-door neighbors and also residents out of harm’s means and also potentially conserve the lives of lots of.

Police looked Anthony Quinn Warner’s residence after the bombing.

A Motor Home parked in the lawn of a building registered to Anthony Quinn Detector (Google Street Sight)

Along with pointers from the general public, Tennessee Freeway Patrol found an automobile part from the Recreational Vehicle with a Lorry Recognition Number (VIN) connecting it to Warner.

SWAT cleaned up through Anthony Q. Detector’s duplex house in Antioch and looked for explosives and evidence connecting him to the crime.

Google road sight also showed the very same Motor Home in the battle to be the exact same vehicle in Warner’s lawn parked behind a wood surround March and May of 2019.

Authorities utilized DNA to validate Warner was eliminated in the surge.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Monday they were still working with recognizing an intention as well as Warner’s mother is cooperating with the investigation.

Anthony Q. Warner worked as an IT professional as well as stop his work previously this month.

Pictured: Anthony Quinn Warner

According to KIRO7, Anthony Warner functioned a number of information technology tasks throughout the years as well as owned a burglar alarm organization from 1993 to 1998.

His latest task was as an independent computer system professional with the real estate firm Fridrich & & Clark in Nashville.

Following the battle, the president of Fridrich & & Clark Real Estate, Steve Fridrich, informed police that Warner worked periodically for the business as a contractor and also was not considered a staff member.

Fridrich likewise told cops that Warner sent out the business an e-mail on December 5th mentioning that he was retiring.

” He’s a great guy, as well as this appears uncharacteristic of the Tony we understand,” Fridrich told the New York Times through text message. “He was extremely specialist and also understood his things.”

Anthony Warner was stated to be quiet as well as a monk that loved his pet dogs.

Anthony Warner’s next-door neighbors informed authorities that he seldom left his home and kept to himself.

They claimed Detector spent a lot of his time operating in the lawn and also would engage in tiny talk with them every now and then, however they would certainly never ever see any person coming or leaving his house.

” You never saw any individual come and go. Never ever saw him go anywhere,” Detector’s next-door neighbor of 10 years Steve Schmoldt told cops “Regarding we knew, he was type of a computer geek that operated at house.”

One more next-door neighbor that lived near Detector for years informed authorities that he saw Warner getting his mail recently as well as waved at him, yet Detector did not return the motion.

Detector was also stated by next-door neighbors to have pets that he took actually great treatment of, even developing a mobility device ramp for them when they grew older.

Detector likewise had not been the kind to get right into trouble.

Days prior to the bombing, Detector told a neighbor the globe was “never going to forget” him.

Rick Laude, one more next-door neighbor of Anthony Warner’s, claimed he saw the guy near his mail box last Monday (Dec. 21), and also he drew his auto over to chat with Warner as well as ask exactly how his elderly mother was doing.

According to the Associated Press, Laude stated he casually asked Detector: “Is Santa going to bring you anything great for Christmas?” Laude claimed Warner grinned and then responded: “Oh, yeah, Nashville and also the world is never going to forget me.”

Laude, a 57- year-old commercial truck vehicle driver, stated he didn’t assume too much of Warner’s declaration initially, believing that Warner only meant that “something good” was going to take place for him.

Laude stated he was “without words” once he figured out that authorities had identified Warner as the presumed bombing plane.

” Nothing about this man elevated any kind of red flags,” Laude stated. “He was simply silent.”

Detector gave costly presents to individuals he knew prior to the bombing.

According to The Daily Mail, Anthony Detector transferred possession of his $160,000 home to a 25- year-old female who lives in Los Angeles named Michelle Swing at the end of November.

Detector likewise wrote a letter to Swing discussing that the cellar in the residence required some job.

” The attic room has plywood and lighting, have a look. The basement is not normal, have a look. Woof woof Julio,” Detector composed in the letter.

Swing told authorities that she never satisfied Detector in person, however did talk to him over the phone the week prior to Thanksgiving.

She likewise sent authorities the letter that Detector wrote to her. Authorities believe that Detector when had a relationship with Swing’s mother, which might explain why he talented her the residence.

Detector is likewise claimed to have actually told an ex-girlfriend he had cancer cells and also gave her his cars and truck.

Nashville Xmas Bombing Plane Told Next-door Neighbor “Nashville & & the Globe is Never Going to Neglect Me” Days Prior To Bombing is an article from: Chatter On This – Pop Culture, News & & Videos

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