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Louisville Protesters Chant “Burn It Down!” After Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor Aren’t Charged for Her Murder (VIDEOS)




Protesters have taken to the streets of Louisville after the Jefferson County grand jury announced their decision to charge just ONE officer, Brett Hankison, with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment … not for killing Breonna Taylor, but for bullets that entered neighboring apartments.

A couple of recently emerged videos show a group of protesters unloading riot shields, signs and other supplies form a Uhaul truck, while other videos show a large group of protesters marching down the street chanting “burn it down!” and “fk those racist apolice!”

Another video shows protesters urging motorists to not even attempt to go down any downtown streets. “Ain’t nobody going anywhere today,” one can be heard saying.

Louisville was preemptively placed on lockdown and a state of emergency was declared in advance of Wednesday’s announcement, as authorities predicted widespread unrest in the city similar to the protests that have sprung up nationwide since May following Taylor’s death and the police killing of George Floyd.

Louisville Protesters Chant “Burn It Down!” After Cops Who Killed Breonna Taylor Aren’t Charged for Her Murder (VIDEOS) is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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ENJOY: Black Man Smacks the Life Out of White Individual With Twisted Tea Can for Repetitively Saying N-Word




A video has gone viral revealing the moment a Black man used a canister of Twisted Tea to slap the life out of a white guy who assumed it was ALRIGHT for him to say the n-word over and also over once more.

The event unravelled inside a corner store in Ohio recently, Daily Dot records

Obviously, the unidentified white man– who appeared to be EXCEPTIONALLY intoxicated– had claimed the n-word before the video clip began rolling and was being faced by the Black man that seemed in the procedure of purchasing a number of things, including a canister of Twisted Tea– an alcohol.

” I’ ma say n an all day, on a daily basis. Are you joke me ?! … You a clown n a! On God, nigga, you a clown, n a!” the intoxicated white man claimed to the Black man, that after that continued to order a Twisted Tea and considered over whether or not to utilize it.

” What? You gon na smack me with that said?” the intoxicated (and also apparently foolish too) white guy asked. “Slap me with it. Smack me! Smack me, n a!”

After the Black male erroneously dropped the Twisted Tea can on the ground while trying to flip it over in his hand, the white guy attempted to kick it as well as missed out on, striking the item screen below the sales register, which after that triggered a physical confrontation that started with the can making contact with the side of the white guy’s face and also finished with the white guy on the ground being punched in the head continuously by the Black man.

I guess you can say the Black guy literally opened a container of whoop-ass on the white person, amirite?

After the video footage went viral, Twitter did what it does best and also memed the hell out of the situation, making “Twisted Tea” end up being a globally trending topic in the process.

VIEW: Black Man Slaps the Life Out of White Individual With Twisted Tea Can for Continuously Stating N-Word is a blog post from: Chatter On This – Pop Culture, Information & & Videos

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Gospel Singer Darrel Walls of The Walls Group Goes Viral After Video Shows Him Kissing a Man




Gospel singer Darrel Walls of The Walls Group became a trending topic on social media over the weekend after a video leaked online showing him kissing another man, essentially outing him as a member of the LGBTQ community.

The video, which was leaked late Saturday night (Nov. 28), showed Walls with another man smiling and talking. The two men eventually turn to each other and share a kiss. The other man in the video hasn’t been identified.

According to Love B. Scott, who first broke the story, Darrel shared the video himself to his “close friends” list on Instagram, however, someone in that group made the video public, and now it’s everywhere.

Walls temporarily deleted his Instagram page after the video leaked, however, he has since restored the account, and it is active as of Tuesday (Dec. 1).

Walls also took to Twitter Sunday morning (Nov. 29) and wrote: “You Are Good, Oh Lord… You Are Good.”

As news of the video began to spread, Walls was met with support and positivity on social media.

The Walls Group is an urban contemporary gospel group signed to RCA Records. The group consists of four siblings: two sisters, Rhea Walls and Ahjah Walls, and two brothers, Darrel Walls and Alic “Paco” Walls.

Back in 2012, the quartet broke through on the Billboard charts with their self-titled album. They released their debut studio album Fast Forward two years later in 2014, and the project charted on the Billboard 200.

The Walls Group received a nomination for Best Gospel Performance/Song at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards for their song “Love on the Radio.”

According to his LinkedIn page, aside from being a singer, Darrel Walls, who is 29, is also a producer and songwriter based in Missouri City, Texas.

In addition to his musical talents, Darrel refers to himself on IG as a motivational speaker as well as a “Lover of Growth” and an “Advocate for Peace.”

According to his bio on The Walls Group’s official website, Darrel is the oldest member of the group, and he began playing drums at age four before learning to play the organ and keyboard.

Darrel’s bio adds: “It is his passion for God that causes him to be an exceptional individual, songwriter and arranger. He aspires to someday be a great producer.”

Gospel Singer Darrel Walls of The Walls Group Goes Viral After Video Shows Him Kissing a Man is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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Mama of 5 Turns Automobile with Her Kids Inside in Alleged Suicide Effort on Facebook Live After Finding Out Her Boyfriend is Wedded




A Mississippi mother of 5 has gone viral on social media sites for all the wrong reasons after she went on Facebook Live and also discussed dedicating self-destruction with her children after discovering her sweetheart is married.

Late Thursday night (Jun. 25), Itasha Brunson of Holly Springs, MS went Survive on her Facebook web page to say her last bye-byes while driving and holding her infant little girl in her arms.

During the 20- minute online stream, Brunson claimed she prepared to devote self-destruction by driving in website traffic and could be listened to grumbling regarding there not being enough autos on the road to make sure that she can complete her act.

She insinuated that she originally prepared to take just her very own life, understanding that her mom would certainly take excellent treatment of her kids once she was gone, but she transformed her mind and made a decision to involve her two young daughters due to the fact that she wanted a person to “come with” her.

Brunson, that sobbed throughout the video clip, stated the reason she intended on finishing her life as well as taking her child girls with her was that she had just recently learnt the male she ‘d been dating was wed.

It’s being claimed on social media sites that the baby youngster she was holding in the video belonged to the married guy, though that information has not been validated.

” I just desire this to occur quickly,” Itasha stated in the video. “Due To The Fact That Glenn Jamerson Jones recognized I enjoyed him. All he had to do was maintain it real with me. He never ever informed me that he was married … it hurts so negative.”

Near the end of the video clip, Itasha said that she would certainly told her mother farewell as well as left her sons with her, yet not her children due to the fact that “you can not trust everybody with your women.” She said: “I despise to take my baby ladies’ life, yet I do not wan na leave them with nobody.”

After the real-time stream ended, Brunson was associated with a multi-car mishap on I-240 near Perkins Roadway in Memphis, which has to do with an hour away from Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Memphis police stated someone contacted us to report a multi-car accident with an overturned automobile.

According to Fox13 Memphis, two children as well as one adult were taken to the hospital. One of the kids was originally claimed to be in critical condition, however, cops said “all parties are currently non-critical,” per Fox13

While in the health center, Brunson went on Facebook Live once more and clarified that she never ever planned to really dedicate self-destruction with her children, she simply desired interest.

Brunson claimed she dropped her phone as well as looked down to reach for it.

She restated her story on Facebook, creating: “Y’ all evaluating me off the pain me … y’ all do not understand my tale … a hurt person will say anything … I was just hurting last night … I didn’t suggest to do that … my phone dropped n when I went to reach for it while going live n blew up of the vehicle …”

She included another article: “I’m all right everybody n my ladies are secure just pray … I really did not mean for this to happen such as this I was going online for Glen focus n really did not know he was house rest n I went down the phone n mosted likely to reach for it n blew up of my cars and truck … I wouldn’t risk hurt them girl[s] n everbody know me I would not I like kids.”

Mom of 5 Turns Cars And Truck with Her Youngsters Inside in Alleged Self-destruction Effort on Facebook Live After Searching For Out Her Sweetheart is Married is a message from: Chatter On This – Pop Culture, Information & & Videos

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