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“Twilight” Author Really Did Not Want Any Type Of Black Actors in Movie Adjustment of Her Book, Only Agreed to Making the Villain Black




Vampires, evidently, can’t be black. That went to least the thinking of Twilight author Stephenie Meyer that dealt with the idea of having black actors in the movie variation of her prominent vampire-themed collection.

In commemorating the 10 th wedding anniversary of the launch of the initial Golden movie, director Catherine Hardwicke was not remiss to share her frustration with the absence of diversity in the film as a result of Meyer.

She states Meyer was hesitant to have any actors of shade play protagonist because she visualized the vampires as just having “light glistening skin.”

“( Meyer) had actually not truly written it (guides) by doing this,” Hardwicke told The Daily Beast while attempting to discuss Meyer’s absence of variety in the motion picture. “So she most likely just didn’t see the globe that way.”

Hardwicke continued:

” And also I was like, ‘Oh my God, I desire the vampires, I want them all– Alice, I desired her to be Japanese!’ I had all these ideas. And also she just can decline the Cullens to be a lot more varied, because she had actually really seen them in her mind, she understood who each personality was standing for in a way, a personal pal or a relative or something. She claimed, ‘I wrote that they had this pale sparkling skin!'”

Hardwicke remained to battle difficult to include variety to the movie and also Meyer at some point yielded to some non-white personalities, but only in minor roles.

However, one of the most popular black character in the film was primarily a villain, going back to the old Hollywood technique to relating dark skin to wickedness.

Hardwicke explained the personality as “among the scary hostile vampires.” As well as she exposed that she even had to battle to get the personality’s Kenyan-born portrayer worked with.

” The only factor that came through was he was described as having olive skin. And also I claimed, ‘There are Black olives out there!’ She was open to the pupils in (Bella’s) peer group being other ethnic backgrounds, so we obtained Christian Serratos and also Justin Chon, so we were able to open it up a little bit.”

Sexism was likewise obvious on the set of the film.

Hardwicke believes she was only employed because the workshop had little belief in the movie succeeding since flicks aimed in the direction of a women target market had minimal success at the box workplace.

” Why do you assume I obtained the job?” Hardwicke laughed. “Why do you believe they worked with a female director? If they assumed it was mosting likely to be a huge hit, they would not have ever even hired me, because no female had ever been worked with to do something in the hit classification.”

And presume what? The next four movies in the hit Twilight franchise were all directed by males.

You would certainly believe a woman that creates a whole dream globe filled with sparkling teen vampires would certainly likewise have the imagination to consist of variety in stated fantasy world. Or possibly removing black and also brownish individuals was her dream.

All the same, congratulations to Catherine Hardwicke for fighting for some semblance of variety in the whitewashed movie she was handed.

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#CancelNetflix Trends on Twitter In The Middle Of ‘Cuties’ Dispute, Netflix Protects Film As “Social Commentary” Against Sexualization of Young Children




The debatable French film Cuties has stimulated a ton of backlash against Netflix, with doubters saying that it over-sexualizes youngsters.

The flick informs the tale of a talented 11- year-old Senegalese woman in Paris that joins a hip-hop dancing troupe in an effort to leave family disorder.

In spite of the outrage, the film was praised when it debuted back in January during the Sundance Film Celebration in Utah for exactly how it attended to the hypersexualization of prepubescent girls.

Netflix was forced to apologize for a promotion poster of the child stars presenting seductively in their dance outfits, and after the motion picture premiered on Netflix today, the reaction proceeded as the hashtag “#CancelNetflix” continued to be the trending topic on Twitter for two days.

A request was additionally introduced, urging Netflix consumers to cancel their memberships due to the prominent streaming solution hosting content “that ventures youngsters and also creates a troubling vibe.”

” From cuties to Big Mouth to various other motion pictures buffooning religions and making use of kids, Netflix is no longer the family members pleasant streaming solution I when believed it to be,” reviews a message on the project, which currently has more than 600,000 signatures.

The backlash has actually triggered Netflix authorities to release a declaration protecting Cuties as well as firmly insisting that the film “is a social discourse against the sexualization of little ones.”

The declaration continued: “It’s a prize-winning film and an effective story about the pressure young girls face on social media sites as well as from culture extra usually growing up– and we would certainly encourage anybody that respects these important issues to enjoy the flick.”

#CancelNetflix Fads on Twitter Amid ‘Cuties’ Controversy, Netflix Defends Movie As “Social Commentary” Against Sexualization of Young Kid is a message from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & & Videos

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Whitney Houston Was Molested By Dionne Warwick’s Sister Dee Dee, Family & Friends Claim in New Documentary (VIDEO)




A new documentary authorized by Whitney Houston’s estate reveals the heartbreaking revelation that Whitney was sexually abused by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick—the sister of the legendary Dionne Warwick.

In “Whitney,” which was made with the cooperation of Houston’s family, the singer’s longtime assistant Mary Jones tells filmmaker Kevin Macdonald that the late singer told her that Dee Dee molested her at a very young age.

Houston’s own brother, Gary Garland-Houston, also says he was molested between the ages of 7 and 9 by Dee Dee, and believed his late sister was abused as well.

Dee Dee Warwick, who was 18 years Houston’s senior, died in 2008, four years before Houston died in a bathtub, which was in part caused by heart disease and drug use, according to a coroner’s report.

The shocking revelations come about three-fourths quarters of the way into the film, and immediately cast a new light on Houston’s troubled life.

Jones claims that being molested by her older cousin made Whitney question her own sexuality and contributed to her problems with alcohol and drug abuse, though Whitney never spoke publicly about her own alleged drug abuse.

Jones says in the documentary, “I think she was ashamed… she used to say, ‘I wonder if I did something to make [Dee Dee] think I wanted her.’ I said, ‘Stop. A predator is a predator is a predator.’ If Cissy had known, she would have done something about it, because Cissy loves her children.’”

“We always wanted our film to be a corrective to that tabloid story,” said producer Simon Chinn. “These are specific revelations that I think will get people to a deeper understanding of who Whitney was and in many ways redeem her as a person.”

Dee Dee Warwick was the niece of Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston. Dee Dee and her sister Dionne would sometimes sing in Cissy Houston’s gospel group, the Drinkard Sisters. Dee Dee Warwick, who earned two Grammy Award nominations in her career, also sang backup for Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin and others.

“Whitney,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival Wednesday (May 16) is scheduled for a nationwide release in theaters this summer on July 7th, suggests the alleged incidents of sexual abuse took place while Cissy Houston was touring.

Because of what happened to her as a child while her mom was away touring, Whitney is said to have insisted on taking her daughter with Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown, on tour with her. Bobbi Kristina died in 2015 after she was found unresponsive in a bathtub and was removed from life support following a six-month-long coma.

Kevin Macdonald, the director of “Whitney,” gave a detailed interview about how he confirmed the shocking sexual abuse allegations just weeks before he finished the film in an exclusive interview with IndieWire.

“I had a sense that there was something like that behind it,” he said. “I’d watched her a lot. There was something about her discomfort in her own skin, something about the way she presents or hides herself, her lack of overt sexuality. She’s this beautiful woman but she’s very closed in her demeanor. I’d been watching her for several months and saying to the editors, ‘There’s something about her that reminds me of something.’”

Watch the trailer for “Whitney” below:

Whitney Houston Was Molested By Dionne Warwick’s Sister Dee Dee, Family & Friends Claim in New Documentary (VIDEO) is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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Kim Porter’s Last Family Outing Was Her Son Quincy’s Movie Premiere (PHOTOS)




Kim Porter tragically passed away at the age of 47 on Thursday, November 15th. She was the ex-girlfriend of Sean “Diddy” Combs, whom she had three children with, and she was also mother to actor/singer Quincy Brown, her son with R&B singer Al B. Sure that Diddy later adopted and raised as his own.

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TMZ reported that Porter’s last public outing with her whole family was the premiere of Quincy’s new movie, the Netflix original film, The Holiday Calendar. A special screening/premiere for the film was held at Netflix’s Headquarters in Los Angeles on October 30th.

Though Kim and Diddy broke up for good in 2007 (after dating off and on for 13 years since 1994), the pair remained close friends and were both on hand to support Quincy’s big night as a family.

The former couple’s children—12-year-old twin daughters Jessie James and D’Lila and 20-year-old son Christian—were also attendance, as well as Diddy’s 24-year-old son Justin Dior Combs (from his relationship with fashion designer Misa Hylton-Brim) and Quincy’s biological father Al. B Sure.

The whole family happily posed alongside Quincy in front of the poster for his new movie, which features Quincy and his co-star, actress Kat Graham.

Though Porter’s official cause of death has not yet been revealed, sources close to the former model told TMZ that she had been sick with flu-like symptoms (possibly pneumonia) for several weeks, which would mean that she was sick at the time of Quincy’s movie premiere, however, you can’t tell just by looking at the photos. Porter looked happy and proud to have her family together, supporting her first-born’s success.

The night of the premiere, Quincy shared a video from Netflix HQ on Instagram, writing in the caption: “Simply Happy! Premiere Night! #TheHolidayCalendar.”

In the video, he calls over his little sisters and mom, saying “I’ve got my fam here.” Porter smiles and throws up the peace sign before saying “Yes! So proud of Quincy.” You can hear her laugh at the end of the clip as Quincy says “I’m happy!”

Quincy also posted a photo of him with his mom and sisters as Porter leans in to kiss him on the cheek. He captioned that pic: “The LOVE is right here.”

Porter also posted photos of her and her family on Instagram in a gallery that also included individual pics of Quincy with his adopted father, his biological father, and his movie co-stars.

“When the Whole #Qrew shows up for @Quincy screening of NETFLIX Christmas movie HOLIDAY CALENDAR a must see…” she wrote in the caption. “I laughed I cried I got in the holiday spirit but most of all I got to see @quincy live out his Dream #proudmom #blendedfamily #netflixmovies”

Check out more photos of Quincy, Kim and their family at the premiere of The Holiday Calendar below:

Kim Porter’s Last Family Outing Was Her Son Quincy’s Movie Premiere (PHOTOS) is a post from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, News & Videos

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