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Stop Whatever You’re Doing and Watch Chris Brown & Lil Dicky’s Hilarious “Freaky Friday” Video




There are people who love Chris Brown, then there are people who hate Chris Brown. There’s really no in between with this guy, but what you can’t deny, hate him or love him, is that man is talented as all get-out when it comes to this music isht.

Take this new song and video he did with Lil Dicky for instance. The concept isn’t 100% unique, as it is based on the 2003 movie “Freaky Friday,” where a daughter (played by Lindsay Lohan) switches lives with her mother (Jamie Lee Curtis) for a few days.

Chris and Dicky’s video is basically that, but what makes their version not only hilarious, but also pretty damn ingenious, is the song—also called “Freaky Friday”— that goes with it.

They could have spared us that disastrous first minute of the video (I mean, I get what they were trying to do, but… no.), but, from 1 minute and 3 seconds on, it’s nothing but pure greatness.

After Lil Dicky and Chris Brown get their respective wishes of having “different lives” (thanks to the random fortune cookie guy), Dicky wakes up in Chris Breezy’s body, which is currently sandwiched between two women.

Not only is he excited about having tattoos on his neck, but he’s having a complete ball: singing, dancing, scrolling through lit af DMs, FaceTiming Kanye, and all. But wait, “Holy sh*t I’ve got a kid,” he sings, with Chris Brown’s voice of course. (Sidebar: The jury’s still out on whether that little girl is really his daughter Royalty, but she’s pretty convinced it’s her).

Then, Dicky realizes… ‘Wait! I’m black, which means I can finally use the n-word without repercussion. BECAUSE I AM A NGA NOW!’

“Wonder if I can say the N-Word?” Dicky (as Breezy) asks himself, “Wait, can I really say the N-word?!”

The best part of the song:

“Waddup, my nigga, Waddup my nga / Big ups my nga, We up my nga / You p*ssy ass niga, man fk y’all niggas / ‘Cause I’m that nga nga nga nga… I’M THAT NGA!”

Then comes the hook, which is equally good (and hella creative):

“I woke up in Chris Brown’s body / So how’d this sh*t turn into Freaky Friday? … It’s Freaky Friday, I’m in Chris Brown’s body, I drive his Ferrari, and I’m light-skinned blaaaack”

The next part of the song/video is Lil Dicky’s verse, which is rapped from Chris Brown’s point of view, as he is now trapped inside Dicky’s body. And he’s feeling a bit depressed, because now he’s stuck living inside an awkward-looking white boy, and he even has his “little dick(y).” (Now you see where he gets the name “Lil Dicky” from, right?)

One perk though: Chris (as Dicky) is able to walk down the street without being harassed the paparazzi or mobbed by crazy fans. Even the nice white people in his nice white neighborhood are waving at him, as if they, gaspactually like him and aren’t threatened by him. But, after enjoying the little things of life, like being able to finally wear blue without any repercussion, Chris is getting annoyed being Lil Dicky (his Mom won’t stop calling either, OMG), so now he’s ready to get his old body back.

Making matters worse, Dicky, still occupying Chris’ body, is out here posting dick pics on Twitter (and trending because of it), enjoying courtside basketball games, and chillin’ in the VIP section at the club.

After what seems like a day’s search, Chris (as Dicky) finally locates Dicky (as Chris), who refuses to acknowledge him, which makes him go full Chris Brown upside the security guard’s head with a beer bottle, which now gives him face-to-face access. The two finally reason with each other (after Dicky reminds a hella angry Chris that if he hurts him, he’s hurting himself), and they’re switched back into their old bodies just in time for a dance break.

There is no reason why this video shouldn’t get all the awards at the MTV VMAs this year, because as far as I’m concerned, this IS the video of the year for 2018.

And if you’re still not convinced, keep watching until the end for the bonus round with Ed Sheeran, DJ Khaled, and Kendall Jenner (which, to me, was a bit awkward, but if she’s OK with it, so am I).

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Ariana Grande’s “Say thanks to U, Next” Is YouTube’s Biggest Video Launching EVER




Have you had the enjoyment of seeing Ariana Grande’s “say thanks to u, following” video clip yet? No? Well, you’re absolutely in unusual company due to the fact that the video clip has actually racked up 130 million sights in less than a week!

According to Signboard, Ariana Grande now holds the record for the biggest video launching in YouTube background after her video for “say thanks to u, next” made greater than 55 million sights in its initial 24 hours online.

YouTube also verified that Grande’s “thank u, next” video hit the 100 million views mark in simply four days as well as is the rapid video to do so. Prior To Ariana, K-Pop supergroup BTS had the honor of most-viewed YouTube video clip in 24 hours (459 M), as well as prior to them, it was Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” (432 M).

Billboard also reported that at its peak, there were 829,000 people viewing “say thanks to u, following” at the same damn time, which is, wow.

Ariana Grande thanked her followers on Twitter, as well as the video clip’s director Hannah Lux Davis after she became aware of her record-breaking statistics, as well as joked with her video clip co-star Matt Bennett that “100 million ppl saw us comb our teeth this week.”

The video clip pays homage to a variety of timeless flicks from the 2000 s, consisting of Mean Ladies, Legally Golden-haired, and also Bring It On as Ariana looks back on her past and also recognizes lessons she’s gained from her ex-boyfriends.

The video clip also features a happily spot-on cameo from the one and only Kris Jenner.

Here’s how the video clip was born ( using Signboard):

While working with Grande on the music video for her previous solitary “breathin,” supervisor Hannah Lux Davis paid attention to a brand-new song trial that would eventually become “give thanks to u, following.” “It had not been also finished yet, and it was like missing out on a knowledgeable, [but] we were listening to the track and my initial reaction was, divine shit, you went there,” Davis said in an interview with Jezebel ” It sort of redefined what a break up song was, in a happy way.”

With a desire to “switch over equipments” from the somber tone of the “breathin” video clip, Davis and Grande began talking about prospective video clip concepts and maintained bringing up films they enjoyed from the very early 2000 s, such as Mean Girls as well as Legitimately Blond.

” It was simply an actually fast backward and forward of simply, oh my God that scene and that film which clothing,” Davis told Jezebel. “And it was never ever meant to be us recreating these motion pictures; it was constantly like how can we make it Ariana Grande, exactly how can we place her spin on it.”

View Ariana Grande’s “give thanks to u, next” video up leading!

Ariana Grande’s “Give thanks to U, Next” Is YouTube’s Most significant Video Debut EVER is an article from: Gossip On This – Pop Culture, Information & & Videos

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Lil Nas X Claims He’s a “Bottom on the Reduced” in New Solitary “Vacation”




Lil Nas X wants the globe to understand that he’s a “bottom on the reduced.”

The honestly gay rapper-singer makes the bold affirmation in his brand-new solitary “Holiday,” which, together with a really CGI-heavy music video, was released early Friday morning (Nov. 13).

Establish on Christmas Eve 2220, the video clip follows Nas X via a futuristic North Post workshop where he takes on the role of a number of different personalities– including a silver-haired Santa and also a skirt-wearing, dancing fairy– and flies through the skies in a Dodge Opposition made right into a modern sleigh total with robo-reindeer.

The video clip itself is one heck of a conversation starter, however it’s one line in the track in particular that has everybody talking.

” Ayy, can I stand out sh t?/ I might base on the reduced, however I top sh t,” he sing-raps.

” Change the category on you hoes, do a rock hit/ I got the largest damn tune, f k the charts, sis, I do not require ’em.”

For those who are uninformed, a “bottom” is someone that likes to take an extra “passive” function in sexual situations (i.e. the “getting companion”). When it involves man-on-man sex, a bottom is the individual that is being permeated.

Of course, the gays on Twitter went bananas over the discovery that Nas is a “base on the low.” Peep the actions below:

” Vacation” is the very first single from Nas’ very prepared for upcoming cd, the follow-up to his debut EP 7, which included his record-breaking hit solitary “Old Town Roadway,” in addition to the popular follow-up tracks “Panini” an “Rodeo.”

He’s readied to do “Vacation” for the first time throughout his “Lil Nas X Concert Experience” online program, which will certainly stream live through the on-line video game system Roblox this Saturday at 4 p.m. EST.

Watch the video below:

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Country Music Symbol Kenny Rogers Dead at 81




Fabulous c and w vocalist Kenny Rogers has passed away. He was 81 years of ages.

According to a statement from Rogers’ family Friday (Mar. 20), he died the evening of Thursday, March 19 th in his Sandy Springs, Georgia residence “from all-natural reasons under the treatment of hospice and also bordered by his household.”

Rogers’ family members noted in their statement that they were planning to hold a tiny funeral for close relative as a result of the COVID-19 aka coronavirus pandemic.

The family added that they “anticipate commemorating Kenny’s life openly with his close friends and also fans at a later day.”

Birthed in Houston on August 21 st, 1938 in Houston, Texas, Kenny Rogers took place to turn into one of one of the most effective country music musicians of his generation, with a job spanning over 6 years.

Rogers had more than 60 Top 40 hits, like “The Bettor,” “Woman,” and also “Island in the Stream.” Of those hits, 24 of them went to No. 1. He’s likewise a three-time Grammy Honor champion as well as likewise won the CMA Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Honor in 2013.

Not only was Rogers the very successful c and w musicians of perpetuity, however he also discovered success in film, starring as Brewster Baker in the 1982 motion picture 6 pack.

Rogers likewise showed up on the tv for many years, with visitor starring functions on TELEVISION shows like Dr. Quinn Medicine Lady, Touched by an Angel, Exactly How I Met Your Mommy, and TV films, consisting of The Casino player, which inspired 4 sequels: Coward of the County, and Xmas in America.

In 2015, he starred in the hit Geico commercial inspired by his Grammy-winning track “The Bettor.”

In 2018, health problems required Rogers to have to terminate a number of shows throughout what was being called his farewell performance excursion. In May 2019, he was confessed to a Georgia hospital for dehydration in the middle of rumors that he was in failing health and wellness.

” Kenny Rogers has actually been working through a series of health and wellness obstacles and has been recommended to terminate all efficiencies via completion of the year to focus on recuperation,” read a declaration from the singer’s monitoring at the time.

” I didn’t wish to take permanently to retire,” Rogers was when quoted as stating. “I’ve thoroughly appreciated this possibility to say goodbye to the fans over the course of the past two years on ‘The Gambler’s Last Bargain’ scenic tour.”

Kenny is endured by his partner, Wanda Miller Rogers, as well as his five youngsters– one from his very first marriage, one more from his third marriage, a third from his 4th marriage, as well as the doubles he shared with Wanda.

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