What We Know About India Oxenberg’s Status After the Events of The Vow

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Catherine Oxenberg, India Oxenberg and Casper Van Dien (Photo by E. Charbonneau/WireImage for Showtime Networks)

Approximately16,000 individuals once participated in Keith Raniere‘s professional advancement program NXIVM, which number, as we see on HBO’s The Vow, consisted of a handful of celebrities One Hollywood star who became devastatingly knowledgeable aboutthe cult’s darker secrets was Dynasty‘s Catherine Oxenberg( shown above with daughter India and ex-husband Casper Van Dien in 2007). The actress brought her daughter, India, into the group prior to knowing the complete extent of Raniere’s abuses. After years of mistreatment, India left NXIVM after Raniere’s arrest and has actually been keeping her profile low since.


In2011, Catherine introduced India, then19, to NXIVM, thinking that the business’s self-help courses would her daughter begin her organization and shift into their adult years. Little did she understand that the multilevel marketing scheme had actually also been a funnel for Raniere to recruit ladies into NXIVM’s sex-slave cult, DOS. Before NXIVM’s tradition went toppling down, India was branded and indoctrinated into the cult. She had actually been pressured into maintaining a500 – calorie-a-day diet plan and into having a sexual relationship with the founder.Smallville actressAllison Mackwas her “master.” Catherine combated to get her daughter out of the cult– in2017, a NXIVM defector reached out to the Dynasty star with worries about India’s condition

In August2018, Catherine revealed that India had left the cult around June of that year after Raniere’s arrest and NXIVM’s shutdown. Catherine’s been vocal about the cult’s impact on her household, launching a book, Slave: A Mother’s Crusade to Conserve Her Child From a Scary Cult, in 2018, and producing a Life time movie, Leaving the NXIVM Cult: A Mom’s Battle to Save Her Daughter , in2019which both showed NXIVM’s dark and predatory side.

According to Catherine, India has plans to compose a book about her experience in NXIVM, however the information and release date are unknown.” I think it is essential as part of India’s recovery procedure, as part of her reclaiming her sense of autonomy. Feeling empowered as a woman and not as a victim any longer,” Catherine told Access Hollywood in2019 “She’s been bantered around and exposed so much in journalism, mostly at my hands, but it was the only option I had as far as getting her out.”

India herself hasn’t been in the news because leaving the cult. Her mother has actually kept the press in the loop, telling Excellent Early Morning America that India had actually “done a lot of healing” and was now “in a really empowered place.” According to Page Six, she supposedly left NXIVM to be in a relationship with Patrick D’Ignazio, a chef at the Double No dining establishment in New York City. India announced her engagement on Instagram in October2019

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