Raptors’ versatile defence has excelled in playoffs, but can you ever really be ready for Warriors? – The Athletic

From afar, Marc Gasol has seemed like just about the most cooperative guy in the world since he arrived in Toronto. That holds true, right up until you ask him to get into specifics about, well, anything that has happened, will happen or may happen on the actual basketball court.

It was pointed out to Gasol that he does not enjoy talking about himself. He said that was correct. Surely, though, even Gasol would allow himself a moment to appreciate that near the end of a long career, both in the NBA and overseas, he is finally getting a shot at the apex of professional basketball.

“I don’t get caught up in those things, to be honest,” Gasol said. “I’m not doing that, I’m sorry.”

So polite.

OK, well, as one of the few Raptors who has played the Warriors in a playoff series, back in the second round in 2015, could you expand on what that experience is like? It seems like it could be crucial.

“It’s hard to…

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