Live: Watch Sony PlayStation’s State of Play Livestream Right Here – Push Square

And that’s a wrap for State of Play — short and sweet, as promised. Thanks for joining us.

As expected, we’ll learn more about Final Fantasy VII Remake at E3 in June.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is LIVE on the stream now.

And one more thing…

Days of Play returns in June with a limited edition PS4 console.

AWAY is a survival game starring… Animals?

MediEvil launches 25th October. Just in time for Halloween.

And next up is a new look at MediEvil, as previously promised. It’s a cinematic trailer. Looks like MediEvil, alright!

Sony’s making a Predator game. What the heck?

This sure looks like SOCOM so far…? But it could be the new game from Arrowhead.

A new project from PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios…?

… No, it’s Riverbond. It’s coming to PS4 this summer.

Looks like there’s going to be quite a bit more to this stream than expected. Is this 3D Dot Game Heroes…?

Monster Hunter: World’s Iceborne expansion launches on 6th September.

We’re kicking things off with a new look at Monster Hunter: World’s upcoming expansion.

State of Play is getting underway now. Join us LIVE.

Any last minute predictions, then? What are we hoping for? Remember: it’s only ten minutes — keep your expectations in check.

Just under ten minutes until State of Play. Join us LIVE.


get2sammyb said:

I reckon we’re probably going to see three things during this stream. MediEvil we know is confirmed, and Final Fantasy VII seems very likely. Just leaves one more: any thoughts?

Hello again, everyone! Quick stream tonight so we shouldn’t be here too long. Sony’s said that today’s State of Play will last about 10 minutes, and will include an update on MediEvil. It all gets underway from 3PM PT/6PM ET/11PM BST.

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