Think exponentially, the decisive thing to create new business models

The distances are shortened between one technological disruption and another, so experts give clues to think “exponentially”.

Some speakers agreed that they arrived at the stage of the first day of the first edition of the SingularityU Summit in Colombia and that it was until two millennia after the ceramics that irrigation came to agriculture, while in a matter of a few years, a Smartphone could have better capabilities than the most advanced computers of two decades ago.

The distance between one technology and another is less and less, that is an exponential leap that societies are facing. Ramez Naam, a computer scientist, and futurist, mentioned that while a traditional Fortune 500 company took up to 20 years to reach the US $ 1 billion in capitalization in the market, Google took 8 years, Facebook 6 years, Tesla 4 years, Uber A little over 2 years ago and WhatsApp less than two years.

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He stressed that at that speed the club of the ‘unicorns’, those companies that come to be valued at the US $ 1,000 million, is filling with new members more and more quickly.

Naam insisted that he must re-experience every day, innovate in an agile way and embrace failure in a quick and cheap way. “It is not necessary to invent a new technology, it is enough to invent a new business model, to understand something is the power to change it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Duleesha Kulasooriya, strategic director of Deloitte, commented that in the largest organizations the leaders become almost the antibodies, being resistant to any change of the organization and that while in the last century the efforts focused on scalable efficiency, In this century it is a scalable learning in which the models are dynamic, agile and with an open flow.

Kulasooriya showed, through videos, the difference that exists between the first autonomous cars that were spoken 10 years ago, with those that went out to tests 5 years ago, with the hundreds of autonomous cars that leave daily to travel through the streets of several American cities.

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The evolution has been such that according to Kulasooriya there are more than 100 companies that create autonomous cars and several of them are ‘startups’ that were born in a garage, demonstrating that any citizen can develop their own autonomous car and the US Department of Transportation and recognizes artificial intelligence as a driver.

For this executive, everything is automated and obtaining information is not a problem as before, but on the contrary, the challenge is to learn to analyze it and make the right decisions.

Exponential thinking

It’s about not being afraid to climb with speed, to dare, so Claudia Aparicio, curator of the Singularity University Colombia Summit and Murilo Gun, founder of Keep Learning and invited lecturer during the live session.

For Gun, from Brazil, Latin America has an “incredible” potential to continue creating disruptive solutions that may have an exponential growth.