Czech Prime Minister avoids being censored for European funds fraud

Prague – The coalition government of the Czech Republic, formed by the populists of Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO) and Social Democrats, on Friday passed the motion of censure presented by six parties of the opposition parliament, contrary to a Head of Government investigated for fraud in the management of European funds continue to head the charge.

The motion was supported by 92 legislators, but to thrive it required the backing of at least 101 of the 200 deputies that make up the lower house.

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Babis faced a motion of censure for alleged misuse of European Union (EU) funds in one of its companies, a vote promoted by the opposition and which amounts to a disapproval of the entire executive in a minority, formed by the Babis party (ANO) and the CSSD, since the fall of prime minister would drag the entire cabinet along.

2 million euros of support for SMEs

The CSSD has argued that it has nothing to do with this crisis, although he has said that they would prefer that Babis, one of the richest men in the country, move away from politics until his problems with justice are clarified.

Babis is accused of having improperly received two million euros from a European program to support SMEs.

The matter, uncovered in 2015, caused in May of last year the cessation of Babis as finance minister in the previous Government, in which ANO and the Social Democrats were already participating.

The scandal has worsened recently after a son of Babi’s claimed that his father organized his kidnapping in the Crimea to prevent him from testifying as a witness in the case.

The Czech government, which emerged from the October 2017 elections, took nine months to form due to the refusal of the majority of the parliamentary forces to agree with a prime minister charged with corruption.