Orientation to the corebusiness, shoemaker to your shoes

It is true that unfortunately in our country entrepreneurs are a rare avis. According to the statistics of recent years, more than 80% of young people in Spain when they finish their studies prefer to get an opposition to be public officials or, to a lesser extent, get to work for a large company, which by the way, to the long assumes the same.

The search for a fixed and stable salary is an incentive against insecurity, uncertainty, and loneliness of entrepreneurship.

Without going into too many details, there are other countries in the world that it is irrelevant to list, where this percentage turns around and where 80% of young people express verbatim “want to be the owners of their own future”, that is, they are willing to take the risk involved in undertaking in countries where they also do not make it very easy for you.

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To me particularly this last statement puts me, as he said, “the skin hen”. With greater or lesser success, I belong to the caste of risk and uncertainty, seasoned with common ‘sentidiño’ and a generous dose of prudence.


If we focus on the 20% of the population that wants to own their own future, there is the endemic evil of believing that the business of others is easier than their own, undoubtedly the result of ignorance and ignorance of the activities merchants of the neighbor.

As soon as a small entrepreneur with entrepreneurial blood begins to have a certain degree of success, in many cases, his head, which never rests, makes him think about new potential businesses in sectors that he does not know, that he does not dominate and above all they leave his company. corebusiness’.

Going into shirts of eleven yards or in unknown mudslides carries with it a high risk of failure, but also achieves two things: decentering the entrepreneur from his main business by absorbing his time and, undoubtedly, the diversion of economic resources towards that new or new activity that is not mastered.

There is no doubt that time and money are the most precious treasure of any entrepreneur and it is necessary to give them the real value they have.

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A few years ago, a famous and successful Galician businessman, in view of the diversification of business that I suffered some time ago, told me: “Hey Ferreira, did not you devote yourself to technology? Do you know anything about this other sector? ” Faced with my negative response to that question, he asserted by applying Manolete’s famous phrase: “If you do not know about that, why do you get involved? Shoemaker to your shoes “.

I guarantee you that I was absolutely right in the world, and although at the time I continued to push forward with a deaf ear to the wise recommendation, over the years I realized that I was absolutely right – probably because of my own experience and that I had been wrong.

Do not doubt that not having paid attention to him at that moment cost me blood, sweat, and tears, and not a single day goes by without me thinking about it and cursing in a good way my closure.

In my opinion, and without undermining the entrepreneurial illusion, there is a very thin line between being excited and being an illusion, and that in the business world is paid with failure, and we already know how the victims are treated in our land. of the failures.

We must be aware of our limitations, which as human beings without a doubt we have. The ability to focus is an enormous virtue that can be diminished by our concern and also by the business ecosystem that surrounds us.

The business cemetery is populated by messianic entrepreneurs, diversifiers and thoughtless, who surely with good intentions failed when led by an entrepreneurial catharsis, they did not listen to the voice of that businessman and friend who, speaking with good intention and wisdom, whispered to me like Pepito Grillo in my selective ear: “Zapatero a Tus Zapatos”.